Final Class 1 Offshore Race of 2010 – Awesome Video

It was a stunning finale to a Class 1 season that has seen Bin Hendi and Al Zafeen win 75% of the races they have started and take the world title by a record 96 points over their nearest rivals. While Fazza and Welmax were having their own private battle at the front of the field, there were other bragging rights being fought over elsewhere. After entering mid-season, Tomlinson finishes with a 2nd place in the Middle Eastern Championships.

Powerboat Mag… Performance Test Driver & Setup Specialist

Powerboat Magazine has trusted the experience of international champion Johnny Tomlinson to punish, drive, test and evaluate high performance boats and provide feedback of for boats handling and performance. While most high performance boat manufactures use Tomlinson’s experience prior to construction, most have to wait for true results after Powerboat Magazine’s testing schedule. With over 20,000 hours behind the wheel (throttles) and daily testing and driving of high performance boats, there’s no better person to learn how to drive than from Johnny Tomlinson.